How did 2.1.8. begin?

Ever wondered how the 2.1.8. Clique started or came ’bout? 2.1.8. was created by Gutter, Money, Papi, LewieLew, RichieRich, and Deanie Baby (with the quick addition of JGriff).

The majority of the parties or “functions” in our hometown weren’t as poppin’ as what we hoped for.  We were looking for something to be extravangant, something wild, somethin’ to go dumb off of and where we could be on one!  One night, members, Gutter, Papi, RichieRich & LewieLew, came up with the brilliant idea of hosting one of our own parties and do it the way 2.1.8. does it (the way it’s suppose to be done).  And if you don’t know how 2.1.8. does it check GutterTV!  So we decided to host a party at a nearby hotel.  Peeps came, peeps liked it, peeps loved it, peeps couldn’t get enough of it.  The very first party that 2.1.8. threw as a crew was on and crackin’!  As you already may have guessed, the room number was: 218.  That’s how the name originated , and entertaining people and word of mouf is how 2.1.8. will be illuminated.  Every major break 2.1.8. will be on it’s prowl doing something big (i.e. Spring Break, Summer, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break and so on). So always keep a lookout for what 21 Ocho will be doing and where they will be because we may just be doing something near you!


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