What is 2.1.8. up to now?

Gutter Peezy:
Age: 19  College: Iona, New Rochelle, NY Sport: Cross Country/Track 

Gutter is currently stationed in New York going to Iona University expanding the popularity of 21 Ocho nationwide.  Also working on a major in Journalism as to get into Public Relations for a Major Record label. He runs for a living, dude eats sleeps and breathes to get up and run.  He has traveled across the nation to do what he does best.  Ever think about racing my man in the mile?? That would be a mistake!  Gutter is the best, and if not will later become the best.  He has a girl named Kayla who possesses model potential and characteristics.  He runs the notorious GutterTV.  GutterTV is a YouTube vlog that allows you the view life through Gutter’s, as well as 218’s eyes. In his spare time if he ain’t running you can almost always find ya boy texting or cupcaking with his girlie.  He loves to make music- keyboard, guitar, and vocal chords.  Catch him on a mission to stack paper and have fun doing it.  If he ain’t working on this website or GutterTV, ya boy is sleeping.

Daddy Bates:
Age: 18  College: Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA  Sport: Soccer

Ya boy Papi Bates stays on his own agenda. He loves the game of soccer and will damn near do anything to keep the tradition going.  Look out for Bates if you ever put the boots on and hit the pitch bruh! Soccer is his passion and what he knows best.  This dude has been around the world schooling cats in countries with names that you can’t even pronounce. Enjoys sleeping, hanging out, and getting money.  To help pass the time when he ain’t doin’ work, got a little girlie, Jen, at Santa Clara with him. In his spare time if he isn’t playing soccer or studying, he is somewhere tryna figure out how to succeed in life.  Dude is HIGHLY motivated and whatever he puts his mind to, he will accomplish. Been successful, is currently successful, and will continue to be successful. He is the type of guy that constantly stays on the grind.  Wherever dude goes, he is a fixture and a piece of the puzzle that opens doors. You can catch Papi Bates making blog moves right here on 21Ocho.com.

Money Mike
Age: 18 College: Sac State, Sacramento, CA State Sport: Football

He is currently at Sac State playing Wide receiver.  He’s majoring in communications and public relations with a minor in journalism.  He stands 5’8″.  In his spare time he works out, plays video games and “splurges” at the mall, and also loves to party.  He will do anything to have a good time and smile.  When he gets older he wants to be down south, either acting or on ESPN.  He has aspirations to be P. Diddy rich! And he won’t stop till he get’s there.  Doesn’t want to get the money the way Diddy got it, but on the same plateau when it comes to how much money he has.  He wants to take over the world with his own clothing apparrel and accessories. He plans to never have his wife work a day in her life unless she wants to.  He’s willing to settle down but for right now, he’s WYLIN’ OUT!  He has big dreams and plans to accomplish all of them.

Age: 19 College: ARC, Sacramento, CA Sport: Football

Currently JGriff is playing football at a community college but later going on to do his thing in criminal justice.  Dude stands 6’1″  and loves the ladies. ALL OF ‘EM!  Ladies if you liking a tall brotha, JGriff is ya man.  In his spare time dude enjoys dancing and video games.  Catch your boy at the club as often as possible! Too many gigs, too little time! Catch him in some clean cut clothes, prowlin’!

Age:18 College: ARC, Sacramento, CA Sport: Basketball

My man Richie is one of the craziest dudes you will ever meet.  He stays on the wildness, takin’ Goose to the face!  He is currently playing basketball at ARC looking to major in Marketing.  In his spare time my man is always partying and having a good time. Watch your girl, she might get snatched! He lives life in the moment, and he’ll sleep when he dies!

Age: 19 College: ARC, Sacramento, CA Sport: Soccer

LewieLew is just as crazy as RichieRich,  which just might be why the two are inseperable. He is going to get his AA at ARC then transferring out.  My man stand 5’10” and loves to kick it with the homies.  PARTY TIL HE DROP!   Catch him draped in a new Obey tee. Homie is hoping to go on and play professional Soccer and travel the world.

Deanie Baby:
Age: 18 College: Sierra College, Sacramento, CA State Sport: Football

Big Dean is on of the downest dudes ever!  No matter what, the dude is down! Who’s got your back? Dean’s down! Catch him pummeling folks on and off the Football field. He’s easy to get along with as long as you’re on his good side. Dean loves to have a good time and play bouncer. This dude is a certified badass.


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