21 Ocho Chops It Up w/ 3 Stackz (Interview)

After posting a bunch of music from these Bay Boys, the dude Jay Spaz, from 3 Stackz himself, reached out to me over here at The Ocho, appreciating the love and offering us an exclusive interview. Who could say no to that right?! So we did a quick 15 questions with the Hometown Hopefuls- Jay Spaz, Rell P & Squidy-Bo. We came to find they’ve got big hopes for what’s to come next, but haven’t forgot where they’ve come from. Hit the jump to checkout the 21 Ocho.com exclusive interview with these three, and a bit of information you’ll want to hear about an upcoming remix track. YAY AREA!

GUTTER: Let’s cut to the chase… Is Hip-Hop dead?

RELL: Not at all, the way I see it is music changes wit’ the times and artist. As of now people think Hip-Hop is dead, because of what artists are in the spotlight and how they are evolving. So my answer is, no. Either listen to Hip-Hop for what it’s is, or it’s not for you. There are a ba-zillion Hip-Hop artists out there wit’ different sounds… choose one, or switch to Country or something (LAUGHS).

GUTTER: God, I hope they don’t choose Country (LAUGHS).

SPAZ: Hip-Hop isn’t dead its current residence is the South. So basically, we have to bring it back to the West, because there is a lot of good, talented artists on this side who is getting passed over especially in the Bay right now, but there is a lot of people in the game that push me to go hard and be inventive on tracks, such as Kanye, Andre 3000, and new comers like Drake and Kid Cudi. I like they styles.

SQUIDY: I feel as long as there are artists out there such as myself and my brothas, it can’t be dead. And if it really is, we’ll resurrect this shit (LAUGHS).

GUTTER: What sets you apart from the rest of the crowd? What makes your hustle harder, your swag fresher and your grind grimier? Basically, why will you succeed?

RELL: Patience, persistence and dedication. Otherwise, listen to my bars, I’m not fit’na give you a sob story but the work I put in will tell you as you watch my career.

SPAZ:  Well basically, we are all good friends and we try to put that before our music. Me and Squid has been friends since kindergarten and Rell since junior high. So, there is nobody I would wanna make it with besides them. What sets us apart is our work ethic and our progression a lot of artists don’t know how to be versatile and to appeal to all audiences. We try to reach that and not shy away from trying something new while still being ourselves. So we will definitely succeed, only thing that will come in our way is ourselves.

SQUIDY: My ambition along with my talent is enough said, but I’ll say it like this… I DO IT SMARTER ,SO MY GROUP GOES HARDER, yadigg?

GUTTER: Spaz let me in on the fact that you’re from all over the Bay (Richmond, West Oakland and Sac). And since, Spaz and Squidy-Bo have been friends since five and Rell and Spaz have been friends since 13, but how did all three of you actually clique up?

SPAZ:  Yes, I’m definitely from all over- born in Oakland, raised in Richmond and West Oakland. Then my mom moved to Stockton in a suburban area, then I moved out there with her when I was around 10, and now I’m in Sacramento because I go to Sac State. It’s good because I have family everywhere and know people everywhere. Me and Rell started a group called the Maynie Boiz in my first year of college in 2006, but we added my brother from another, Squidy-Bo, because we felt he added a strength to us which was missing, which was his high energy presence on the mic and on stage. So, you see, we have been a group for like a lil’ over 2 years and we have progressed into something so much more.

GUTTER: How long have you been interested in being a part of the music game, and how long were you each spittin’ before 3 Stackz ?

SPAZ:  Well I definitely got inspired by my older cousin and family. I been writing since I was 12 and just got encouragement from my surrounding and people who was headed in my direction on the same path and started taking it serious when I was 17, but always knew I had the tools to actually do it just not the knowings of where to start.

RELL: Damn, I been wanting to be a part of the music industry since I was like 9-10 years old. Before 3 Stackz… somewhere around 7 years. 

SQUIDY: I  been that dude you know that would always spit around people freestylin’ and stuff, like in class with someone doing the beat on the desk. Being a musician, music is just in me, and when I linked up with Spaz and Rell I began to be a serious lyricist. That is a problem for many.

GUTTER: Who put the fire for hip-hop in y’all? I know before I got my own ear for music, I was listening to Mom’s old Marvin Gaye records and Pop’s Motown type shit. Who influences y’all, inside and outside of hip-hop, old and new?

SPAZ:  It’s funny you say that. I definitely love Old School music, like The Temptations, that’s why we have a lot of samples from those eras. Even though I’m from the Bay, I always been mainstream when it came to music. I’m a big fan of East Coast music, but when growing up I was sheltered from a lot of rap and had to listen to a lot of Old School ‘cause my mom and pop was from that era, but I definitely think as of right now I can say Run DMC and Leaders of the New School is some groups we model ourselves after, because they brought something artistically new to the table.

RELL: That’s a good question. But, I honestly gotta give it up to the 90’s and say Pac , Big , 40, Jay-Z and Jadakiss. You know, the shit you heard on the radio as a young buck. As far as now, in and out of the industry… would be my mom, my cousins Darran and Demar, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Wayne, and last but definitely not least, nada, but shit the list goes on.

SQUIDY: Outside of  Hip-Hop my Moms is my biggest inspiration period! She is what pushes me to be great and go hard at everything I do. As far as rap, I remember when I first heard the Blueprint by Jay-Z in 2001 and at that time I could almost hear ME and things in my life. That was how I felt that CD pointed me to want to rap.

GUTTER: Somewhat related to that, what’s the most played song/album on you iPod?

RELL: Drake, Trey Songz & Wayne Successful off So Far Gone and Say What’s Real.

SPAZ: (LAUGHS) Right now, I would say Drake new mixtape, right now…He definitely killin’ it right now. Like I said, he makes me want to go get singing lessons, because that’s a new dimension that’s putting him ahead… he definitely a threat to a lot of old rappers in the game now.

SQUIDY: Just l ike Spaz & Rell its dat “Successful” by Drake. It completely embodies how I believe we all feel at this point.

GUTTER: 3 Stackz music has a lot of energy, it’s passionate. What goes into making sure a track slaps and brings that energy that y’all get a response with?

RELL:  That’s the best part, we just throw on a beat and start mumblin’ shit. Come up wit’ a hook we all feelin’ and do us.

SPAZ:  Honestly, we all have musically inclined ears we know what sounds good. Squid, plays two instruments. Rell mixes some of our tracks, and we all know what sounds good, and people are feeling a lot of our ideas and concepts when we make our song.

SQUIDY: We all bring our creativity to the table, create our hook, and then separate and create our verse because we are all different.

GUTTER: Even more specific, how do you know your verse is hot as hell? Do you know the kind of bars that’ll get quoted as soon as you spit ‘em?

SPAZ:  We make sure when we are writing, we say our verses out loud so we can hear each other and we know the people who are in the game right now all be spittin’ hard bars, so that challenges us to come hard on the tracks we rap to. 

RELL:  If whatever I spit, I’m really feeling, then its dope, ‘cause that gets across in the emotion I’m spittin’ it in. Whether the song is about tragedy, partying or love, you gonna feel it ‘cause it’s real.

SQUIDY: I always try to say something different then someone else would. I, like the rest of my group, require a little thought when listening. So my verse is hot when I’m done recording it (LAUGHS). My work speaks for me.

GUTTER: What do you have to have in the studio to go hard? Girls? Drank? Weed? (LAUGHS) Anything specific that gets the flow going?

SPAZ:  We had all those at once before (LAUGHS), but I think each of us varies. I just need no distractions from outside, but of course we blaze and drink to get the juices flowing.

SQUIDY: It’s just me and this weed tryna get right (LAUGHS).

RELL:  A dope ass beat and a bottle of somethin’ good where I don’t need no chaser (LAUGHS). And some trees the same color as the Soul Plane from time to time don’t hurt. 

GUTTER: I know y’all have pretty recently collab’d with Go Dav and sampled E-40, got love for any other Bay artists?

RELL: Definitely, I respect all the OGs. It’s too many names to list, but I’d like to work wit’ The Jack, Clyde and shit… whoever wants to make bangers. We just recently did a song with Big Rich and San Quinn. Shout out to Done Deal and 3 Story Gang.

SPAZ: I’m definitely a fan of those Bay artists who want to branch out of the Bay and take their talents to a global scene. My favorite Bay artists are Clyde Carson and Ya Boy they both got swag on the mic and are hands down, raw as hell.

SQUIDY: I respect a lot of Bay artists that create good music, global or just on some Bay-ness. I fucks with The Jack, Big Rich, Ya Boy, Clyde Carson, and Messy Marv just to name a few.

GUTTER: Anyone in the bizz you’d like to work with, above everyone else?

SQUIDY: As far as just making music i would want to be in the studio with writer/producer/singer Ryan Leslie. I know he would give me an ultimate BANGER and a clean hook. We would create magic! But if I was to choose a rapper I would want to work with my favorite rapper, which is Jay-Z.

GUTTER:  Shouts to R-Les. That’s my future employer (LAUGHS).

SPAZ: Bay Area and locally… probably Clyde Carson. And mainstream  artist… shit, you already know Wayne, because no matter what, people are always going to listen if he’s on your record, and Pain for a single (LAUGHS). You know… gotta choose smart. 

GUTTER: You all seem to be real grounded and friends just much as a music group, what keeps you humble and hungry instead of getting fed up with each other and tired of trying to blow up?

SPAZ: (LAUGHS) We get fed up with each other a lot, but a lot of times that’s when we bring music into the situation and music is what brings us together and get rid of the problems we are having, because it’s like this… we all love music and know we have the potential to go far because we are versatile and you can’t put none of us in a box. So by knocking out a banger track, it cures a lot of drama because at the end of the day, we love to make music.

RELL: It does get hard, but at the end of the day… these is my niggas and makin’ music is bottom line- fun. It’s a natural high.

SQUIDY: We are grounded because we know where we are trying to go, and that’s what keeps us humble. Success never stalls so neither shall we. We get tired of each other at times and don’t always see eye to eye, but making music cures all bullshit.

GUTTER: So what’s the vision? Worldwide, or will 3 Stackz stay an indie Bay group? Is the dream to make it BIG time?

SQUIDY: The vision is beyond what the brain can even think up. I just want our name out there as much as possible.

RELL: Just tryna make a name for ourselves right now, but if anyone wants to talk business- our ears is open. 

SPAZ:  We all want to make it big time… A lot of Bay artists are just Bay artists and we realized from the gate, we weren’t. That’s why a lot of people don’t wanna feel us as much, because we have the potential to venture out and be successful elsewhere in the mainstream world because you can’t keep us in a local box. Not to toot our horns… we are good enough to make it… and just imagine if we had industry producers giving us hot tracks… What we would do to those beats?

GUTTER: What are we to expect from 3 Stackz in the future?

SQUIDY: Good music.

RELL: Nothing but music you can feel and high energy shows. 

SPAZ:  Our new music is definitely ridiculously dope. A lot of our music that people are listening to now is from early Summer ‘08 and Fall ‘07 which is when we were working on our last mixtape,  Da Best Damn Trio, but we have new tracks that should land us a deal if we push it. A little secret for you… we have a Middle Fingers Up Remix that is crazy! Like Rell said earlier, we already got Big Rich on.

GUTTER: Last but not least, any shout outs? Homies, haters, brothers, baby mommas, anyone.

SPAZ:  (LAUGHS) Thank God, no baby mommas to shout out, but just to be real… I want to shout out everybody that has been there from the start, our REAL fans, like Dukes and Christina, and my bra Ansel. Those are the people who you don’t forget, you feel me.

SQUIDY:  Shout out to my brothas, Rell & Spaz. Dre Weez, Lil’ Dave, Sanni-Bo, the whole Purple Lungz, Krazy Ken, My fam, and all my adoring ladies fans (LAUGHS), you know who you are.

RELL: My brothas In this group, and all who have helped along the way ‘cause to the top we go (LAUGHS). SACRAMENTO & THE WHOLE BAY!

GUTTER: Good lookin’ out on everthing… On putting out music we can feel, and supporting sites like 21 Ocho that got love for real artists. Stay up and best of luck, we hope for more 3 Stackz exclusives in the future.


~ by Gutter on March 24, 2009.

5 Responses to “21 Ocho Chops It Up w/ 3 Stackz (Interview)”

  1. Squidy-Bo’s name isnt next to 1 of his answers. @ least thats how i see it, and i thought i’d say.. O and he does spit bout as hard as he claims on this interveiw lol

  2. & I believe he meant “WANT to rap” hahahahaha

  3. Loved this group since the 1st mixtape, much success to them

  4. Love this group for how unique their sound and lyrics are. I wish them all the success in the world

  5. SHOT OUT to 3 stackz. super shot out 2 my nigga spaz 4 shottin ya boy out n da interview. yall niggas keep doin ya shit bg things 2 cum.

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